1. Somewhere in Jersey


  2. My cousin giving salutations in the Ramapo Reservation.


  3. Chelsea, NYC


  4. queenofantisocial:

    My cats are great models.

    This week this little guy went to the cosmos. I was a wreck and day by day I just try to heal. Having a pet and seeing them grow and be part of one’s life is a beautiful thing. The companionship, the bond, and the love. I will forever miss my Gingy. He was such the gentlest bear. He loved cuddling and his belly rubbed. He chirped to the birds and the squirrels. He really was a ball of sunshine and my heart breaks when I see his cat bed empty.


  5. LB style

    Jersey City, NJ


  6. Anonymous said: Hi! Where do you get your film developed in Newark? I live in the Ironbound too, but the Walgreens down the street from me machine is broken. whack! ....good to see a fellow Filipino in Newark too lol.

    Another Filipino in Ironbound, dope! I used to get it done in that Walgreens but I always had problems and they would ruin it. Super wack!
    I work in the city so I found B&H and never had a problem with them. It’s costly but they know what they are doing. Where in the area do you live?


  7. Newark


  8. People taking pictures of people in the Kaaterskill Falls.


  9. West Milford, NJ


  10. The morning after an outdoor Woodstock wedding.


  11. Colors and light


  12. Iron lung


  13. Helen Castillo, designer and fellow creep


  14. From the Other Side, Kaaterskill Falls

    Mother nature, love her.