1. Chino, July 4th



  3. A day in the burbs.


  4. Sunday with baby sis, Melissa. Sunflower and that spot of light by the house. Light/dark. Taken when the sun was setting.


  5. 4TH OF JULY


  6. queenofantisocial:

    © Queen of Anti-Social

    Puma (Black Ink Crew) x Sassy

    WeSC x Jasmine Solano Ancient Aliens Mixtape Release Party


  7. queenofantisocial:

    Developed an old roll the day after Sandy.  

    Ironbound section of Newark.

  8. Rae Rae


  9. queenofantisocial:

    Kristina, expired film


  10. queenofantisocial:

    expired film

    every time i scroll and see this photo it looks so surreal.  the lighting is amazing.


  11. queenofantisocial:


    Hello, I like to call myself an enthusiast rather than a photographer.  My work is only analog and I love how film translates.  Self taught.  I enjoy experimenting with different rolls of film.  A lot of my photos are candid/portraiture.  I have been taking photos since I was young.  I’d carry my parents’ camera and/or a disposable everywhere.  Disposables are still a staple in my life.  

    I’m a make-up artist so a lot of the photo shoots I do - I coordinate myself.  My photos are never serious just love taking photos.

    Tumblr | http://queenofantisocial.tumblr.com/

    Flickr | http://www.flickr.com/photos/leanonsheena/



  12. Julio


  13. Added more projects like my makeup work and some more random film photos


  14. expired black and white film

    July 4th- this was my whip going in the muddy trails and I had a blast!  I gave everyone rides, taught a few of the chicas how to maneuver it, but mostly you couldn’t get me off of it.  I want to go back!


  15. Hello Beautiful Salon in Brooklyn.
    Kristina doing her amazing talents!