1. Anatomy class with my cousin.


  2. DJ Allison Kinney | http://djallisonkinney.tumblr.com

    Part of the Hello Beautiful 2014 spring look book. Hair by Holly


  3. My coworker, Bessy, is a big fan of my work!  Bless her heart.



  5. filmisgod:

    Strictly for my film enthusiasts, lovers, and photographers :)

    Seen in Brooklyn, NY

    Follow my adventures: http://queenofantisocial.tumblr.com/


  6. filmisgod:

    Behind the scenes.

    I am a makeup artist who just enjoys taking photos on film.  

    Follow my journal: http://queenofantisocial.tumblr.com/

    Lovelisa♡♡ & yoga


  7. What Bessy sees - Midtown, NYC


  8. filmisgod:

    Hair by Kristina Dimoplon

    Had the honor to work on a really fun and creative team as photographer for Hello Beautiful’s Spring 2014 look book.

    Camera choice: Canon EOS Elan 7

    Follow me and say hello! http://queenofantisocial.tumblr.com/


  9. Zeena Koda, 2014

    For this shoot, I wanted to get the softer side of this amazing woman.  


  10. Bitch, don’t kill my vibe, 2014

    Hair by Kristina.  Necklace plate by Hello Beautiful Salon & moon necklace and quartz necklace by Off White Jewelry .


  11. Portrait of Kristina with her nails did by Jessica Tong.

    Part of the behind the scenes for the Hello Beautiful Spring 2014 Lookbook.


  12. Behind the scenes, 2014

    Had the honor to be photographer for Hello Beautiful Salon’s spring 2014 look book. This was a lot of fun. Thanks to Kristina and Holly!!! Can’t wait til it comes together.


  13. Josanna Torocha x Queen of Anti-Social collaboration, 2014.

    Featuring Zeena Koda!

    Josanna is a super awesome artist and more!  She’s also hella funny if you follow her Twitter!  Love to collaborate with different forms and it’s extra special to collaborate with a local Jersey lady.


  14. filmisgod:

    Fists Up!

    Roosevelt Island, 2014



  15. filmisgod:

    People on Roosevelt Island, 2014