1. Colors and light


  2. Iron lung


  3. Helen Castillo, designer and fellow creep


  4. From the Other Side, Kaaterskill Falls

    Mother nature, love her.


  6. Behind the scenes, makeup/hair by me

    Molly modeling some of Helen Castillo's SS15 collection.  Super proud of Helen for last night's show for Fashion Week.  She is an amazing visionary and I love everything she makes!


  7. This was my favorite out of all the cars. I mean what a total babe.


  8. One of my favorite places - Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskills

    It was quite touristy as in a lot of people do visit but how can you not visit this wonderful place!



  10. queenofantisocial:

    M O N D A Y S - this is how I feel about it.

    Downtown LA, California

    Artist: JR

    If you want to see the black and white Polaroid version of this, here.


  11. Designer, Helen Castillo

    More on Chainsaws & Jelly.


  12. Behind the scenes  Molly & Helen

    Had the opportunity to work with these 2 babes as the makeup artist for the SS15 collection.  Haven’t seen Helen in a while but it’s always a pleasure to hang and work with this amazing artist/designer/funny ass lady.

    You can see more on Chainsaws & Jelly.


  13. Rosie


  14. Rae Rae in the TNO bodysuit


  15. We were driving when we saw this beautiful horse try to run free as all horses should be free but that’s my opinion. I was really rooting for him/her to escape but was not successful.

    That is the Catskill Mountains in the background.