2. Mannequin


  3. Mia…jump high!


  4. Screen shot of Vogue picking out this photo.  So far, I had 3 photos in total that they enjoyed.  Pretty sweet.

    I’ll post the original without the watermark at a later time.


  5. The warehouse. One of the best places to just chill.


  6. queenofantisocial:

    © Queen of Anti-Social

    At the Village Arcade in Houston, TX.

    Artist | Eyesore


  7. My family is in town from Houston,Texas. More photos tomorrow. G’night.


  8. Melissa


  9. Lighting


  10. Nuni with Mister Softee


  11. Chino, July 4th



  13. A day in the burbs.


  14. Sunday with baby sis, Melissa. Sunflower and that spot of light by the house. Light/dark. Taken when the sun was setting.


  15. 4TH OF JULY